Braddock Point, the last Victorian lighthouse for sale

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Braddock Point, the last Victorian lighthouse for sale

What can be cooler than living in a lighthouse? Well, maybe living in a Victorian lighthouse. Originally built in 1896, Braddock Point Lighthouse is a Queen Anne Victorian style building located at 18 Clearview Ave, Hilton, New York 14468, right on the coast of Lake Ontario.

The lantern room has been repurposed into a living room with a magnificent view but on top, there is still a working led light by night.

Braddock Point Lighthouse for sale
The lantern room, Vctorian kitchen and living room.

The interiors have been renovated several times along the 20th century. However, the cottage still keeps part of the original Victorian style inside.

Braddock Point is one of the few privately owned working lighthouses in the United States and since it is privately held, a new buyer doesn’t have an obligation to open the grounds up to the public like lighthouses acquired under the Preservation Act.