Leica M10-P Reporter

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Leica M10-P Reporter

Leica is launching the Reporter, a special edition of the Leica M10-P rangefinder camera inspired by professional photographers working in war zones.

According to Leica, the Reporter concept was born after Gabriele Micalizzi, a war correspondent who was hit by shrapnel while holding a Leica before his face and another one hanging on his chest. Both cameras took the hit saving his life.

Leica M10-P Reporter
Leica M10-P Reporter dark green finish is very similar to og-109 military shade.

So Leica came up with the idea of a bullet-proof Kevlar casing camera that could save a photographer’s life.

As the regular M10-P, the Reporter, finished in military dark green, very similar to og-109 shade, is designed for silent operation and features a 24MP sensor, a 2GB internal buffer to increase shooting performance and a built-in Level Gauge. Check it out on Leicacamerausa.com.