Ollech & Wajs OW M-110

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Ollech & Wajs OW M-110

Inspired by the Swiss maker’s long military and dive expertise, that goes back to the 1950s, Ollech & Wajs released the m-110, a crossover between diver and field watch.

As a diver, the m-110 is submersible to 300 meters. As a tactical field watch, it is equipped with a rotary 360 degrees compass bezel.

An old military trick – or more precisely, scratch that – an old boy scout trick, any analog watch can be used as a compass by lining the hour hand up with the sun, and then bisecting the distance between the hour hand and 12 o’clock position, to discover south.

The Super Luminova lumed dial, incorporates radio silence period markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. These are three minute periods immediately after each quarter hour, reserved exclusively for making and listening for distress calls.

Ollech & Wajs OW M-110
Ollech & Wajs OW M-110.

Despite the vintage aesthetics of the m-110 that reminds of other O&W watches used during the Vietnam war era, like the 1964 Aquaguard or the 1965 Early Bird, all technology under the hood is brand new.

As a result of a close collaboration collaboration between O&W and Soprod, the m-110 is the first OW model to carry a Soprod P092 automatic movement. This is a bespoke version of the Soprod Newton Precision modified to O&W’s own specifications, 44-hour power reserve, Chronofiable certified and a custom “OW Zurich 1956” engraved rotor.

The 39.56mm case is finished in brushed 316L stainless steel with the same vintage shape of the old Aquaguard and Early Bird. Crystal is sapphire with anti-reflective treatment.

Also in stainless steel, the heavy-gauge mesh bracelet with comes with an engraved clasp, extendable up to 22mm and a double pusher-release system that provides extra security against accidental opening.