Goonies House

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Goonies House

Here it goes the childhood of many people. After Goonies’ fierce fight to save their home from foreclosure in the Goon Docks of Astoria, Oregon, now up for sale… the Goonies House!

How is this even possible? The place should be declared a world heritage landmark. Even the city of Astoria celebrates Goonies Day on June 7th, the film’s release date back in 1985.

Goonies House
Goonies House.

Previous owner welcomed visitors that flocked to visit the front yard until in 2015 the crowd rocketed to 1500 daily. Then, owner hanged no trespassing signs and city officials restricted parking in the area.

This 1896 Victorian home measures 1,935 square feet (590m2). It includes 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms kitchen and a huge living room, surrounde by a wrap-around porch with scenic views of the Columbia River flowing into the Pacific Ocean. The property will only set you back $1.7 million.