Breitling Emergency Titanium

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Breitling Emergency Titanium

The Emergency is the world’s first wristwatch equipped with a distress beacon, meaning that you get yourself into a situation with no rescue in sight, you deploy the 2 antennas by pulling the big lateral crowns and the built-in miniaturized transmitter starts to send an emergency signal on the 121.5 megahertz and 406 megahertz bands.

The 406 megahertz digital frequency makes it possible to launch an alert from anywhere in the world via the network of satellites in both, low altitude Earth orbit and in geostationary orbit.

The 121.5 megahertz analog frequency is used to guide search and rescue missions whether these are maritime aeronautical or land borne operations, plane crashes, ship sinkings, mountaineering accidents and the sort of potentially fatal mishaps that can occur in deserts, jungles and ice caps around the world.

Breitling Emergency Titanium
Breitling Emergency Titanium.

The new 51mm titanium case, clear or black DLC-coated, with convex sapphire crystal, black dial and glareproofed both sides is simply bombproof.

Powered by the Breitling Caliber 76, a COSC-certified SuperQuartz chronograph, the Emergency features a rechargeable battery since it also has to work for 24 hours, a bespoke battery that can not only punch out enough power for a satellite to pick up, but that can also be recharged regularly, so that power will actually be there in an emergency. Check it out on